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A few thoughts to reflect upon, if you wish to learn yoga

What does yoga do?
Yoga gives you strength, energy and physical as well as mental resistance capacity. If it is practiced in such a way that it is adapted to your needs and capacities, it can help resolve ailments. Before you begin to learn yoga, ask yourself, "What are my physical strengths and weaknesses? What do I expect to derive from the yoga-practice?"

What can I expect of the yoga-teacher?
First and foremost, good yoga teachers practices yoga for themselves regularly. They have a solid grounding in yoga, comprising an intensive learning period of 3 or 4 years at least and have a teacher for themselves, who guides them in their practice. Ask yourself: "What education in yoga does the teacher have? Where and from whom does he or she derive the personal guidance? Does the teacher's personality appeal to me?"

What do I have to be ready for?
Especially in the initial phase, it is necessary to take classes regularly. If you have learnt already through books, it is essential to have a teacher, who can observe you and correct your mistakes. A wrong or unsuited practice of yoga can harm you as much as a good practice can help you. Also, ask yourself: "Do I have time to practice at home? Am I merely keen on being part of a regular gathering of yoga-students or am I really ready and open for new knowledge?"

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